Tourist dressed up like Geisha

Tourist dressed up like Geisha

Tourist dressed as Geisha as part of the Geisha experience

I made my way to Kyoto late last week after a few days in Osaka. Kyoto is such an enchanting city. I didn’t have enough time to explore it all but spent hours admiring the district of Gion, sampling Japanese treats in the Nishiki Market and trekking through the maze of torri at the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Here are just a few pictures from my short trip. I hope you all enjoy.

A blowfish mobile outside of license blowfish seller at Nishiki Market
Various utensils and bowls used during a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
The cabs in Kyoto have different symbols which stand for different companies
Tea kettle at my breakfast table during my first traditional Japanese breakfast
Charming street on my way to Gion
Once in Gion, it was as if you were transported back in time
These are Kukurizaru, a hanging monkey ornament which can be found at Yasaka Shrine
No idea what kind of plant that is, but I like the shot


The tourist during their geisha experience, they were waiting for their photoshoot
Spotting a real geisha in Gion is a treat. I didnt see any that day :/
View of the Kyoto Wooden pagoda in the distance and one of the narrow streets of Gion
Rickshaw taking a break
Woman in a kimono rushing down Ishibe Koji, a narrow ally in Gion
Mani Wheels, you walk around rotating them with your hands, saying a prayer or wish
Fushimi Shrine guardian fox overlooking one of the giant torii while holding a key
One of the many wishes left at the shrine written on small wooden torii
Colorful folded cranes at the shrine, folding 1000 cranes is meant to cure sickness
Some of the thousands of torii gates that make up the Fushimi Inari Shrine

So there you have it. Just some of my pictures from Kyoto. I could have written a novel but a picture is really worth a thousands words. There is so much history and tradition that I have learned about during my time here! Be prepared when I get back to Berlin to read more about shrines and the different ritual surrounding the prayers and wishes, very fascinating. I also have to write about my accommodations, the food that I sampled and my cooking course! Ah, so much to share!!

If you have any questions about my pictures or trip to Kyoto, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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23 Responses to Exploring Kyoto: Impressions of Japan’s Former Capital City

  1. Love the Pics..can't wait to go one day

  2. kimvan says:

    lovely, nice to know you are having agood time

  3. Nailah says:

    AGghhhh! Is it April 1 yet??? I can't wait to get to Japan. Loving the pics!!

  4. Great shots! I wish you would have gotten to see the Maiko and Geisha. Usually you have to wait in Gion around 1600-1700 to see them leaving for their appointments. Did you try the green tea ice cream in Kyoto? What flavors of Kit Kat have you picked up thus far?

  5. tatiana says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And WOW at the rickshaw…I thought those were obsolete!

  6. Melissa says:

    Kyoto was my favourite of the cities I visited when I went to Japan. These photos are bringing back great memories and making me what to go back soon.

  7. I am so glad I decided to go. If I get another chance at Japan I will go when its warmer, the weather was really trying to test me.

  8. no icw cream for me, it was cold! ah by 4 i was somewhere around the shrines of eastern gion i think and freezing 🙂 i picked up green tea, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry and melon. i have a ton of them, i am not that big of a fan they taste very artificial but i like the idea of them being so different

  9. girl, your trip is going to be great. cant wait to keep tabs on your RTW on your blog. how active are you going to be? RTW tend to get pretty popular

  10. haha well its a gimic really. i was suppose to go on a ride during a kamakura tour but it was snowing that day, and i couldnt have some man dragging my through the city in slush. i think his pride was hurt a bit but i was like dude, no.

  11. i hope to go back but in few years. im still recovering financially from this trip 🙂

  12. Miggy says:

    Lovely photos! Kyoto is on my ever-growing list of places to visit asap. I was mesmerised by tales and pictures of the cherry blossom season years ago.
    So beautiful.x

  13. Eddie says:

    I think the plant in question is a camellia. @edwardmartin4

  14. Charlotte says:

    You have a youtube channel?

    • Nicole says:

      I sure do, the blog is a bit out of sorts but I am typically have a link its just nicole is the new black on youtube

  15. Just stunning! I stayed in Seoul for three years and if I go for another stay in Asia, it’s going to be Japan. I really love what you’ve captured here. Stunning photos and a real sense of the energy of a place. Hard to do and you did it well.

  16. Celina says:

    Beautiful pictures 😉

  17. Kathryn says:

    Amazing pictures! Would you mind telling me what camera did you use here? im about to go to japan in a week and i still cant decide what camera i should be bringing with me. Yikes. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks:)

  18. Kristie says:

    Hi Nicole! I know this trip was in 2012 but I’ll be going to Kyoto in about a week. Would you be able to recommend any “not to be missed” attractions? There are so many temples that I don’t know which ones to tackle first. Thanks so much 🙂

  19. Marie-Eve says:

    Hi! How did you learned so much about history and traditional rituals, did you have a guide ? I’m going to kyoto in 2 weeks and I want the best experience possible 🙂

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