karneval der kulturen yaam truck

In previous years I had always attended the Karneval der Kulturen parade as a spectator. I admired the trucks and costumes, danced in the streets and reveled with a million other faces on the sidelines.

This year was totally different.

By some stroke of luck or fate, my family and I were roped into walking the parade route with the Jamaican truck. Naturally I took pictures, while my cousin, dressed up as a Jamaican bobsledder and led the procession through the streets of Berlin. We danced, we waved, we complained of aching feet but we had an unforgettable day. The festivities were exceptionally hype at this year’s Karneval der Kulturen because we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence!!

karneval der kulturen jamaica 50th anniversary

karneval der kulturen dreadlocks in germany

jamaican women at the karneval der kulturen

karneval der kulturen just do it

karneval der kulturen rollerskates

yaam truck dancers at the karneval der kulturen
women with baby at the karneval der kulturen

a young boy smiling at the karnval der kulturen


My family visiting from Stuttgart and Dallas, Texas has no idea they would feel so at home in Berlin, Germany!! To feel so much acceptance and love so far from Jamaica made their visit all the more rememorable.

I would like to thank Barbara from Ya-Man restaurant in Moabit for inviting us to join the procession, it was a blast! To check out the hipster perspective on the Karneval der Kulturen check out this post from Travels of Adam.

More pictures from this year’s Karneval der Kulturen can be found on my facebook fan page!

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3 Responses to Photo Essay: Berlin’s Karneval der Kulturen 2012

  1. Sascha says:

    Wow,I’m a american jamaican in Spain and knew there were jamaicans in Germany but not that much to have a parade.Awesome.Where are the jamaicans concentrated in Germany?

    • Nicole says:

      i have no idea where they are concentrated but there are some in Berlin. Again not so many but the Jamaican consulate often has events in Berlin and people come from all over Germany to attend

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