Rome is one of the world’s most visited cities, welcoming nearly 10 million admirers a year. Tourist flock to the Eternal City to not only marvel in the its rich history but to partake in the various culinary delights. Just in case you are thinking of escaping this summer and eating your way through the city, you’ll have no trouble finding places to experience amazing food in Rome. Here is my short list of must haves to help navigate your way through this gastronomical mecca.

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 Try the Pizza!

You can’t visit without embarking on a quest for the best pizza in Rome. I won’t claim that I have found the reigning champion but I’ve had a pretty decent pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). A place that was recommended to my mother and I was De Remo. Go there for the pizza and the pizza alone, there is little charm or hospitality here but they don’t need to have manners because the margerita pizza is epic.

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Try traditional Roman cuisine

Artichokes, stewed oxtail and spagetti alla carbonara are just some of the staples of traditional food in Rome and Lo Scopettaro has it all. It’s the next best thing to having your own Italian fairy grandmother. The place is typically packed with locals which is a great sign of its authenticity.

Another Roman favorite is porchetta. Often sold out of trucks on the street, porchetta is a boneless pig roast stuffed with herbs like garlic rosemary and fennel. The savory meat can be served as a sandwich and the perfect complement to a cold beer. If you don’t want to eat on the go, try the porchetta from Er Buchetto, I hear it’s to die for.

Picture of a Canoli from Foodspotting

Try cuisine from beyond the Roman Empire

While in Rome you can also sample food from other parts of Italy. One restaurant which captures the essence of Sicily is Lumie di Sicilia. Sicilian food varies from food in Rome due in part to heavy Arab and Spanish influences. Dishes include touches of nutmeg, pine nuts and cinnamon. After a wonderful pasta course of Ravioli a Catanisa finish the evening with a decadent cannoli.

Unique Food Experiences

If you have an afternoon to indulge your inner foodie why not try a walking food tour or an Italian cooking class. Both are great ways to experience food in Rome through the eyes and tastebuds of a local. Walking food tours often include market visits and restaurants off the beaten path.

Taking a  cooking course while traveling is great way to learn about the influences and history of the regional cuisine. I would suggest a small cooking course held in a private kitchen. Not only is it a bespoke travel experience but you can continue eating amazing Italian food long after your trip.


Buon Appetito!! Enjoy the food in Rome!

Pizzeria De Remo
Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, 00153 Rome, Italy

Lo Scopettaro
Address: Lungotevere Testaccio, 7, 00153 Rome, Italy

Er Buchetto
Address: Via del Viminale, 2F, 00184 Rome, Italy

Lumie di Sicilia
Address: Via Fratelli Bonnet, 41, 00152 Rome, Italy


What are some of your favorite places to eat in Rome?

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    You’re back on the blog scene! Awesome. 🙂 And congrats on the newborn

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    I didn’t pay much attention to food when I was in Rome and you’ve made me regret my decision so much!
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