Long before I started blogging and my crippling Instagram addiction I spent many a weekend galavanting across Europe. While living in London I made a trip to a different city every few months, often using carries like Emirates. I was single, childless and my primary source of information were travel guide books. Hopping on a plane late Thursday night and barely screeching into work by 9 am Monday morning, I partook in crash courses in the sights and sounds of some of Europe’s trendiest capitals.

One of the most enchanting cities I visited during my European adventures was Amsterdam. This Dutch capital is well known for legalized marihuana and it’s red light district, I had no interest in either. I fell in love with the canals and the beautiful historic houses that aligned them. I’d like to share some tips on the ins and outs of Amsterdam. Warning: This will probably be the tamest Amsterdam Guide that you will ever read.

Where to lay your head

If you follow my travels you know I am bit of an accommodations snob. For extended stays I typically rent apartments but for short stints I stick to boutique hotels. I stayed at the chic and basic Amsterdam. The hotel has a 300 year old facade and located on the Herengracht canal. I would claim that it was a hipster hotel before hipster hotels became a thing.


How to get around

The flat landscape of Amsterdam makes it the perfect city for biking. Getting your hands on a bike is the easy part with bike rental companies around the city.( try to snag special offers in a free Amsterdam guide) The hard part is holding your own with the seasoned cyclist of Amsterdam. Amsterdammers have been biking from birth so if you are insecure on a bike like myself, your feet might be your best bet.

Stuff your face

Amsterdam really isn’t known for their cuisine but there is no shortage of cafes and eateries to explore. For on the go eats you can pick up some staples such as raw herring (PASS), syrup waffles, either sweet or savory pancakes and of course, french fries.

I can recommend a cafe that I fell in love with called Stout! (I’m not that excited about the restaurant, that exclamation mark is part of the name) It was a great affordable place for a burger and coke.

What to do

Get lost – Walk (or cycle) along the long canals of this enchanting city. Traverse down cobblestone roads and take in the amazing architecture.


Get culture – There are tons of museums and galleries, world famous to quirky. I highly suggest a visit to the Anne Frank House where you can see her original diary that was later published documenting the time she was in hiding during World War II.

Get your tourist on – Madame Toussauds and Amsterdam Dungeon for the voyeur inside all of us.

Get down – Did I mention I love to dance. Mega trendy Club Escape provides the ultimate club experience. Don’t go there for a lade back vibe. Nothing but glow sticks and heavy base lines here. I loved it!

Hope you enjoyed my G-rated Amsterdam Guide.


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6 Responses to Your G-rated Amsterdam Guide

  1. Adam says:

    A “hipster hotel” before it became a thing?! Ha! I do love that shampoo bottle, though!
    Adam recently posted..Why I Love London’s Free MuseumsMy Profile

  2. Christie says:

    Yes, I did love your G-rated A.G. I want to go. I want to get on planes and visit a different cities. I need that life! 😀

  3. Great tips thanks! (and that soap is so cute – I would totally steal it) 😀

  4. Ha ! I went at Stout’s as well – I have to say it was very cheap (comparing it with the prices of Amsterdam)

    Shampoo/ soap ROCK!


  5. Franca says:

    I love Amsterdam so much and if I have the chance I always try to stop there for a couple of days. I like the look of the hotel you stayed at, a very nice design place and, considering me and Dale are design fans too, I wouldn’t have minded staying there. Next time! 😉
    Franca recently posted..Five Pics and Tips for BolognaMy Profile

  6. Michael says:

    Simple, readable but not tame.

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