Mother and infant daughter in an airport

Poppyseed in her Ergobaby carrier. Great for traveling with an infant

Yeah me. I’ve kept my new human alive for almost six months. Not only have I managed to keep my baby fed and (mostly) clean we’ve taken a few short trips together. I am no expert but with some planning and patience, traveling with an infant is not only possible but enjoyable. We have a lot of ground to cover in the next half year, so watch this space!

This Saturday Poppyseed and I will embark on our longest journey yet, a nine hour transatlantic flight to America! Previously our trips have been under two hours so this might be the one to break us. Honestly the flight itself is not what scares me the most. I have some strange packing compulsions and the idea of preparing for a three month journey fills me with anxiety!! Not to mention, the potential of waiting in the customs line for hours at John F. Kennedy airport after traveling with an infant could be a major disaster.

So why three months in the States? Well in Germany as a single parent I am entitled to 14 months of paid maternity leave. Yup, you read that right, 14 months off of work to chill with my kid. (Two parent households get to split the time anyway they like) This provided us with he perfect opportunity for extended travel. Why not take the baby home and let my mom and family spoil the crap out of her!

Our travel plans for the upcoming months are both exciting and ambitious with a baby.

First thing first while Stateside, I plan on getting the little one right with God. In early October we will be surrounded by loved ones and will have her dedication. The remainder of the month will be filled with tons of fall happiness to include apple picking and baby’s first Halloween. She’s going to be the best peacock ever. Check instagram for pictures of impending cuteness.

Peacock walking freely around Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Male peacocks are prettier than female peacocks. Not on Halloween!

November, better known as Turkey month, will start off with a short trip to Atlanta to visit some close friends after that I have two tentative roadtrips to Washington DC and Boston -Rhode Island.

December is pretty wide open. I haven’t made many travel plans because I anticipate a bit of snow and I think it would be a good month to sit still. It would be nice to escape winter for a bit so I have been researching cheap holidays to Florida. If I can find something affordable, the baby, my mom and I will book a Disney cruise. Just putting it out into the universe.

Are you excited about travel?

Are you excited about travel?

We head back to Berlin in mid January and then we are off to Denmark for a few weeks. The next major adventure after that will be a euro road trip with my mom in April. She intends to come over for Poppyseed’s first birthday and we will hit up Switzerland and some Italian cities. My last hoorah with the baby before I head back to work will be a trip to Hong Kong in May. I figured I can fly with her for free before the age of two so I better get some good locations in.

I hope you all stick around and stay tuned.


What are your travel plans for the next six months?

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5 Responses to Oh The Places We’ll Go – Traveling with an Infant

  1. Poppyseed has a very full travel schedule ahead! I think it’s great that you travel with your little one – my husband and I hope to do the same when we have kids within the next year or two. She’s a beautiful baby! We’re headed to Virginia/D.C. in a few weeks and then we’re staying put until next March where we’ll spend most of the month in Europe. Happy travels!
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted..Notes on Turkish Carpet WeaversMy Profile

  2. Ashley says:

    She’s so adorable! My husband and I are planning to go to NYC in December and our first trip to Europe (finally) for 10 days in March. Has having a baby changed your life drastically? We want to start a family but I’m afraid that having a baby would stop me from traveling as much as I really want to in the coming years.

    I LOVE your blog and tweets, BTW. You are hilarious lol 🙂

  3. Sounds epic, I can’t wait for the 50 minute youtube summary!
    Samantha Sophia recently posted..Katniss Everdeen and Gender Roles in RelationshipsMy Profile

  4. Shavavian says:

    I’m still stuck on the fact that you said FOURTEEN MONTHS PAID (I wish I could somehow write paid even bigger than caps, lol) maternity leave!!!! Absolute insanity. Unheard of in the States.

  5. Wow..that is awesome, travelling with a baby, but it’s great that you’ll take her home and have your family spoil her..that’s awesome for her faces!
    I’m not sure where I’ll go the coming months, but I’m hoping the balkans?
    Caroline Otieno recently posted..Tigers in the TempleMy Profile

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