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Iceland is a magical place! I know you keep hearing that but you aren’t convinced if it’s worth the journey or the price tag. Hopefully this list of things to do in Iceland will be just the motivation you need to visit the Land of Fire and Ice.

1. Do Something Outdoorsy and Possibly Dangerous

If you happen to visit in the winter you might mistake it for some inhabitable place beyond the wall.(It should, Game of Thrones films all over Iceland due to the mystical landscape.) Covered in lava, glaciers and sand, there is no denying it, the scenery inspires exploration . There are numerous things to do in Iceland whether you are a beginner or a well seasoned outdoorsman. Iceland tour operators  offer outdoor activities like whale watching, glacier hikes, ice climbing, dog sledding and offroading on quads.

things to do in iceland outdoor activities
Some people prefer to set the pace and traverse on their own. If you decide to rent a vehicle and navigate the interesting terrain yourself, BE CAREFUL. Locals are always sharing urban legends of haphazard tourists who have burned off a limb in a hot geyser or those who have lost their car to a volcano and didn’t get the jackass insurance. (not a thing but totally should be.) There is some exaggeration but there is a realistic danger to exploring Iceland on your own. On average, three people die a year in outdoor recreational activity there and the most of them have been tourists.

 Disclaimer:  If you break your neck please don’t tell your mama that I sent you to Iceland to risk your life. Read up on safety while communing with nature in Iceland at

2. Eat Something Totally Gross

If you are an adventurous foodie this will be an easy thing to tick off your things to do in Iceland list. Some Icelandic cuisine would be considered exotic (::cough:: gross ::cough::) I don’t believe it is morally wrong to eat meat but some types of meat I wouldn’t eat because I find it gross.

Mink Whale – I tried it once, in the form of a burger. I hated it. LOL. It tasted like 5 day old fish with the texture of steak. I sent it back immediately. Warning: Some people consider it unethical to eat whale, so you might not get as many instagram likes as you normally do if you post what you had for lunch in Iceland.


Boiled Sheep’s head – I’m not sure what would provoke someone in modern times to eat the head of a sheep but I suppose Vikings were into that kind of thing back in the day. Apparently the eyes, tongue and cheeks make for some good eatin’. You won’t usually find a brain in there ’cause that is where they draw the line in Iceland. NO SHEEP BRAINS! You can get your boiled sheep’s head right at Reykjavik’s main bus terminal at a place called “Fast and Good”. The chef says that they sell nearly 10,000 sheep heads a year so you will be in good company!

Fermented Shark – In my experience any food preceded by the word “fermented” smells of pee and taste of anguish. Fermented shark is no exception, or so I’ve heard. This acquired taste is made from the carcass of rotten shark meat, using fresh shark meat will kill you, FYI. The meat is cured for 6-12 weeks, cut into strips and then hung for months. Typically it is served in small cubes and washed down with a shot of booze. Fermented shark is pretty common and can be found all over Iceland, just follow the smell of pee and the noise of people dry heaving.

3. Bathe With Strangers

Technically this is outdoorsy and could be listed under our first of things to do in Iceland but we don’t like technical people on this blog so if you take issue…#whompwhomp.

Taking a warm bath outside surrounded by strangers is a total must do when you visit Iceland. The most well-known heated pool is located at the Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland’s most popular tourist destination, located 45 mins from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Let’s geekout for a minute. Part of Iceland’s magicalness is that it is located on one of Earth’s major fault lines which is mostly responsible for its crazy landscape. Due to its position on the mid Atlantic ridge, the island of Iceland is home to glaciers, active volcanos, vast waterfalls and hot springs, making it rich in hydropower and geothermal energy. Iceland is so awesome that 100% of its electricity and heating come from renewable sources, drastically reducing the country’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Ok back to getting your soak on. Not only are these energy sources great for the environment but the geothermal energy creates these nifty little hot soaking spots rich in minerals. Now the area around these springs does smell like rotten eggs due to the sulphur in the water and the minerals do a number on your hair. This may sound off-putting but trust me sitting in piping hot egg smelling devil water is very relaxing!

There are so many more things to do in Iceland than the three I’ve mentioned in this post but this leaves room for a sequel! In the comments below leave some suggestions on what should be added to the list!



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9 Responses to Land of Fire and Ice – 3 Things to Do in Iceland

  1. Theresa says:

    Nice piece Nicole…I have read nothing but negative things about how Icelanders feel about tourists, especially people of color…just accepted the fact that I would never visit there…still leary, but not as much after reading this…

  2. Dami says:

    Iceland sounds like an absolutely amazing place to visit. So many places to visit in the world, so little time or money!

  3. Ariel says:

    Thanks for sharing the info on Iceland. I am looking forward to my trip next month!

  4. Lance says:

    I absolutely LOVE that photo of you in the Blue Lagoon. Seriously priceless. I also tried the whale burger, and can honestly say it was awful.
    Lance recently posted..The Distinctive Tastes of Creation WinesMy Profile

  5. Would love to go there, but would probably just taste (yep, being the foodie that I am)…and why are flight tickets to Iceland so costly?
    Caroline Achieng Otieno recently posted..A dark day for the Netherlands..My Profile

  6. I was just chatting with someone about visiting Iceland. I definitely could do a bit of whale watching and bathing with others.
    Reginia Cordell recently posted..The People on the BusMy Profile

  7. Alyssa says:

    So…that sheep head freaked me out – I can’t eat things that still look like what they looked like when they were alive. It’s weird.

    Looks like like you got up to a lot in Iceland and I’m looking forward to going back there myself!
    Alyssa recently posted..512 Hours: Marina Abramovic in LondonMy Profile

  8. Marc says:

    Thank for sharing the article. I am guessing that there are more than 3 things to do in Iceland. Eating something really gross struck my mind. Did you get to eat that or you simply found picture of that dish. Anyway, Iceland is a great country and your pictures are there to show it.
    Marc recently posted..Our Wintery Trip to MontréalMy Profile

  9. Ava says:

    I love how you didn’t just list specific activities, but rather general ideas that sound pretty interesting!

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