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Alice in New WordlandI tend to do horrible things to the English language. I make up words as I go along. Occasionally I might use these imaginary words and list them here for your reading pleasure. I hope and pray that they gain circulation into the lexicon of the interwebs.

ne judge pas!  (that’s imaginary French for “don’t judge me”)

Facebook Tourist:A term used to describe a person  whose travel experiences are defined and limited to taking picture of monuments and landmarks. The Facebook Tourist lives to take pictures in front of tourist attractions and post them on facebook or other social networks. It is typically an insult given to passport stamp collectors who travel only to boast about the number of countries and sites they have visited.

The Panda: A term of endearment given to my boyfriend. He gives really amazing hugs, the kind of hug you would expect to get from a Panda bear if you ever got close enough to one and it didn’t want to kill you.

W.I.V.G.S: When ordinary people are faced with dilemmas, they sometimes resort to a higher power. The term’ What would Jesus Do? (WWJD)’ or the South Park version, ‘What would Brian Boitano Do?’ (WWBBD) help straighten out their moral compass. For me, I gauge the ridiculousness of ideas on how my conservative but highly hilarious mother would react. What Is Verna Gonna Say (WIVGS ) is often my last thought when trying to determine how bad of an idea something is.  If you ever endured my mom’s wrath you would consider her reaction as well. She don’t play.

Yeepers: A mild expression of surprise, similar to the word “Jeepers” but pronounced with a “y”.
A cute Scandanavian girl once shared a story about her first time in America. She was reading a billboard and saw the word “Jeepers”. In many languages “J” is produced as a “Y” in names such as Jasper (Yasper) and Johannes (Yohannes). So naturally she pronounced “Yeepers” and I thought it was the cutest thing, and way cooler than “Jeepers”
“Yeepers! What is that smell?”


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  1. Yeepers?? That does sound cute haha!
    Roy Marvelous recently posted..Saint Lucia In 8 HoursMy Profile

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  3. PathFinder 777 says:

    Hey Nicole. What happened to all the comments from last year? If possible, could I please to view them again, at least the ones concerning me.

  4. PathFinder 777 says:

    Please ignore my last comment. I just found what I was seeking. It was on your “Living in Germany–Can I do this?” website.

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