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  1. fae says:

    Hello! i love your blog/website. what platform do you use? wordpress? i live in japan and i want to start up a nice looking blog. thanx


  2. Hello Nicole,

    Your blog is awesome.

  3. khandi smith says:

    Hi Nicole you have a wonderful and informative blog

  4. Diedre Blake says:

    Visiting TravelsofAdam, I came across a link to your site and am so happy that I did! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, especially about being a single parent. I’ve always been curious about what that would be like as I intend to continue my travels even if I have a child.

    Great work!
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  5. Tee says:

    Just one or more question(s) if you may indulge me… aM a black girl about to be shipped to Germany, wud I be able to get a constant supply of natural hair care products (like shea moisture or organics..etc) and also do you know a website i can check for furniture, so i can have a good idea how much they cost?!

    Thank you so much!

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